Dealing with Disruptive Students in MS Teams

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Setting All Students to Attendees (MUST COMPLETE)

If you want to be able to moderate your class, you must set your students to Attendees. If students are muting you, removing you from the meeting, or sharing their own screens, they are joining the class as Presenters. To ensure they join as Attendees and ensure only you can present, follow the steps below to change the meeting settings: 1. Click the meeting, then click Edit.

"Edit button"

2. You will be brought to a new window. The Details tab should already be selected. If it is not, click Details as shown beside 3. Next, click Meeting Options.

"Meeting options button"

3. This will open a link in your browser. The new page has an option labelled Who can present? Change this to Only me.

  • If you have others you wish to be able to present, instead click Specific People and search for them in the list. For example, you can add the name of your GA/TA here so that they can moderate your class.

4. Click Save.

"only me option"

Disabling Microphone and Camera for all Students

If your class has students using their microphone or camera inappropriately, you can disable all their microphones and cameras automatically before the meeting. To do this;

1. Follow step 1-3 in the previous section. 2. There is a toggle labelled Allow mic for attendees? Switch it to No. 3. There is a toggle labelled Allow camera for attendees? Switch it to No. 4. This allows the instructor to continue using their microphone and camera, while blocking students from accessing these functions.

"Allow mic and allow camera options"

Now that they are all disabled, if a student wants to ask a question using their microphone, you can unmute them during the meeting. To do this: 1. Navigate to the icon with two outlines of people as shown in the screenshot. You should now see a list of participants. 2. Find the students you wish to unmute in the list, then click the three horizontal white dots to the right of their name. Click Allow mic if you want to allow them to speak. You can also click Allow camera if you would like them to use their camera. Once they are finished speaking, you can mute them again by clicking Disable mic instead.

Disabling All Students Chat If you have many students sending inappropriate messages, you can disable all of them from chatting. To do this;

1. If you would like to disable chat messages in your meeting, first follow step 1-3 in the first section. 2. There is a drop-down menu labelled Allow meeting chat. Switch this to Disabled. 3. Once in the meeting, if you wish to reenable chat, click More actions, and then click Meeting options

4. A new window will appear. Select Disabled under Allow meeting chat. 5. Select Enabled. Students are now allowed to chat freely.

Mute or Kick Specific Student

After you have made all students attendees, instead of muting the whole class, you can pick a specific student to mute if necessary. To do this: 1. Navigate to the participants panel and select the attendee you wish to mute. Click the three horizontal white dots. 2. Click Disable Mic. In this menu you can also disable camera or kick the student from the meeting.

  • Note that student can rejoin the class if removed.