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==Marking Assignments==
The following steps outline the process of marking assignments;
<li>From the '''Grade Center''' dropdown menu, '''Needs Grading''' is selected.</li>
[[File:needsgrading1.png|''Navigation to '''Needs Grading''''']]
<ol start="2">
<li>You must navigate to the '''User Attempt''' column and choose the submission you wish to mark</li>
[[File:userattempt.png|''Navigation to Submission'']]
<ol start="3">
<li>Depending on the type of assignment, the marking window will be different. You can view and enter marks in this multiple choice submission. The various types of assignments has been mentioned above.  </li>
[[File:Multiplechoice1.PNG|''Multiple Choice Example'']]
<ol start="4">
<li>Save your marking by selecting either the '''Save and Exit''' if you wish to stop marking, or '''Save and Next''' if you wish to continue.  </li>
[[File:Savetest.PNG|''Saving Mark'']]

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