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Guide to Polls in Microsoft Teams

This guide will cover how to create a Poll in Microsoft Teams, how to launch the Poll, and how to extract the results to an Excel sheet. If you are unable to find the information for which you are looking for, please reach out to our helpdesk with a Service Request.

Creating the Poll

  1. Navigate to the Calendar tab in Teams.
  2. Find the meeting in which you want to add the poll. Right click on it and select “Chat with participants”. Alternatively, you can also select “Edit”.
  3. Click on the “+” symbol.
  4. Click “Forms”.
  5. Click “Save”. This will create a new polls tab
  6. Click on the polls tab and press the button that says “Create New Poll”
  7. Now you can create questions and answers and change the settings of the poll. Click “Save” to save the poll as a draft. Now you can launch the poll in the meeting at any time.

Launching the Poll

  1. When you are in the meeting, you can launch the poll by clicking on the Polls pane.
  2. Select “Launch” on the poll which you want to display.
  3. Once you press “Launch”, a window with the poll will pop up for everyone in the meeting. You may also respond to the poll if you wish.
  4. In the polls pane you will be able to see live results as everyone responds to the questions.

Extracting Results of Poll

Once you are satisfied with the responses and once you have viewed the results, you can close the poll and export the results to an excel file or you can delete the poll.

  1. Click the chevron next to the "View Options" button in the Polls tab.
  2. Select "Export Results".
  3. The results will be downloaded on your computer as an Excel file. This file will be in the downloads folder on your computer.

Polls on a Mobile Device

On a mobile device the poll does not pop up on the screen when it is launched. Mobile users will have to follow these steps to access the poll.

  1. Tap on the screen so that the in-call menu pops up. Tap the chats button.
  2. Now you can simply complete the pole.
  3. You can view the results as everyone provides their answers.

Notable Information

Please note that the polls feature does not currently work for channel meetings. You can add a pole to a channel chat but you cannot access it directly in a meeting. As of February 02, 2021, the polls feature only works for scheduled meetings that appear in your calendar.

Upcoming Features

  • Polling in channel meetings
  • Free text polling (Respondents are able to type their responses instead of selecting from a list)
  • Different types of polling questions.

Comparison between Blackboard Polls and MS Teams Polls

MS Teams Polls
Can create polls before meeting. More involved to setup.
Easier to extract results. Can't allow/disallow participants to view poll results after the poll has started
Option to keep responses anonymous. More cluttered creation page.

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