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Changes are Coming!

University of Windsor's 100% Grading Scale Effective Fall 2013

In accordance with the Senate resolution of June 10, 2011, the University will adopt a 100% grading scale beginning Fall 2013. This will be reflected in all Senate policies and regulations as of September 1, 2013 and in the undergraduate and graduate calendars beginning with the Fall 2013 web publications.

To ensure that those graduating at the Fall 2013 Convocation are assessed for their eligibility to graduate under the rules in place at the time they completed their course work, the move to the 100% scale within the University’s IT systems will take place in mid-October 2013, following Convocation. This delay will not impact current or new students, or course evaluations in Fall 2013. All course work will be marked and final grades submitted using the 100% scale beginning September 1, 2013. Instructors will be submitting whole numbers as percentages.


Grades as assigned pre-Fall 2013 will remain on the transcript as is (letter grades) and the formula used for the calculation of averages pre-Fall 2013 will apply to those grades. Transcripts for current students will contain a combination of letter grades for courses taken pre-Fall 2013 and numeric grades for courses taken from Fall 2013 and on. Transcripts for first-time University of Windsor students enrolling in Fall 2013 or later will contain numeric grades only.

CLEW's Gradebook tool, and the eGrade system reflects these changes.

Senate document on Policy M5 detailing the Marks / Grade Descriptors [1]
Information about calculating averages is available on the Fall 2013 Undergraduate Calendar page.

For suggestions on various ways to approach questions about grading, please visit the 100% Grade Scale FAQ article.

Further updates will be posted as they become available.