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The University of Windsor has created a Blackboard tool for importing grade data into Blackboard's Grade Center. This tool is mainly used to help Instructors import Scantron data.

Import to Grade Center Tool

Getting Started with Import to Grade Center

To import grade data into your Blackboard Grade Center you can begin by finding the Import to Grade Center tool in your Blackboard site's Control Panel under Course Tools.

Existing or New

The first option you will be presented with upon arrival to the tool's landing page is whether or not you plan to import the grade data as a new Grade Center column or an existing Grade Center column.

Import to Grade Center Step 1

Column Information

If you have chosen to Create a new Column in the Grade Center you will now need to fill in the details for that column.

Import to Grade Center Step 2

  • Column Name - is the name of the new column as only you will see it.
  • Grade Center Display Name - is the name of the column as your students will see it when they check their grades. If this is left blank it will display the Column Name.
  • Description - a short description of the column for use in the Grade Center.
  • Maximum Points Possible - the maximum number of points that are possible on this assessment.
  • Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations
  • Show this Column to Students
  • Show Statistics - will enable Grade Center statistics for this column.

If you choose to go with an existing column, the above fields will have disappeared and you will be asked to choose from a list of columns in your Grade Center.


Finally, you will select your file to upload. The file you receive from Operations as your Scantron Blackboard output should have a format identical to the one shown in the Example of the required file format image. The file is a comma separated list of student number, student name, percent mark and raw score. The raw score (last number in each row) value will be the value imported into your Grade Center column.

Import to Grade Center Step 3

After the Upload

On this page you will see a report with details about your upload. Upon a successful upload you should see something like the following:

Import to Grade Center Step 4

A list of students will be shown, along with their uploaded grade, uwinid and name. Grades that were not uploaded will be indicated by a exclamation sign and a message with details on why they could not be uploaded.


  • What do I do if I get the message "Student number does not exist"? - You will need to open the file you uploaded on your PC and double check that student's student number. If the number is correct, you will next need to verify that they are enrolled in this Blackboard course site. You can do this by visiting the Users page under the Users and Groups section of the Control Panel in your site.
  • Are you having problems uploading the file into Blackboard?' Please verify that the file is, in fact, a text file and not a MS Excel file. If it is an Excel file, you may need to check with IT to get a properly formatted file type. Check to be sure that the file only contains: student number, student name, percentage, raw score.

If you upload was unsuccessful, you will see an error message, with an indication of what was wrong with your upload file and on which line the problem can be found.

Including in your Course Grades - Total Column

If you followed the steps above and ensured that you selected the Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations option, this column will appear in your Total Column calculations.

It is always a good idea to check what is being used to calculate the Total Column or Weighted Total Column by clicking the chevron beside the title on the column, select Edit Column Information and check to see if the new column is one of the Selected Columns you wish to include.

More details about using the Total Column available in the Blackboard Help Article.

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