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Email Sent to Instructors - February 19, 2015

Blackboard Learn is now available for instructors to try out!

The LMS Team is pleased to announce early access into the Blackboard learning management system for instructors who want to practice and get oriented to the new system. Instructors can now log in to the system at where we have set up an individual Sandbox site for you to explore the new tools available. You will also have access to a self-paced Introduction to Blackboard course, which will introduce the basics of the system so you can get started thinking about how you might use it in your own teaching. While access to actual course sites and migration of their content is still being developed, we have been taking requests from many enthusiastic early adopters of the system, who just want to get in and “try it out!” You asked – we listened! Please understand, however, that the system is still being developed, and as such, users may experience some updating, configuration changes, or downtime in using their Sandbox site. Blackboard Learn isn't fully supported until the final deployment has been completed. Feedback on your experience with the new system is important, but please be aware it may take longer to resolve issues or get back to you than when Blackboard is fully implemented.

With the Introduction to Blackboard course, users will gain access to four self-paced introductory modules including the following topics:

  • What is Blackboard Learn,
  • Build,
  • Communicate, and
  • Assess.

There is a short quiz at the end of each module to help you gauge your comprehension of the material presented. While this introductory course is by no means comprehensive training, it is designed to provide an overview for those new to Blackboard. More comprehensive training – either online or face-to-face-will be available closer to when your course is scheduled to transition to Blackboard. You will receive an email invitation to workshops that will be set up for you, or options to take online training when the courses become available.

Logging In

Initial Veil- click to enlarge
My Courses-click to enlarge
When first logging into Blackboard, you will be greeted with a black overlay, which details the following options:
  1. Global navigation menu,
  2. Your new Blackboard profile, and
  3. Academic Materials.

Please ignore items 2 and 3, as they are not fully integrated into the system, and may not be depending on policy decisions yet to be made. When you exit from this screen, you will be brought to the main Blackboard environment. Your two courses are listed and linked under the My Courses area, as pictured in the image to right in thumbnail.

Share Feedback

The LMS Team looks forward to hearing your feedback in the days ahead. Please consider sharing your feedback with your designated LMS Advisory Committee Representative.


The LMS Team

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