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(Scoring Methods Comparison)
(Scoring Methods Comparison)
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| rowspan="1" | 1  
| rowspan="1" | 1  
| rowspan="1" | 2  
| rowspan="1" | 2  
| rowspan="1" | [[ equivSymbolic documentation page https://docs.betterexaminations.com/betterexaminations-online/academic-staff/creating-questions/equivsymbolic-scoring-method/#toc-overview]]
| rowspan="1" | [[ https://docs.betterexaminations.com/betterexaminations-online/academic-staff/creating-questions/equivsymbolic-scoring-method/#toc-overview equivSymbolic documentation page ]]
| !scope="row" rowspan="1" style="font-weight: bold; border-width: 2px;border-color: #000000;" | equivLiteral
| !scope="row" rowspan="1" style="font-weight: bold; border-width: 2px;border-color: #000000;" | equivLiteral

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BetterExaminations is an online examination software integrated with UWindsor's directory that automatically syncs all courses and students to the site. The software has a plethora of question types and can serve as an alternative to Blackboard's assessment tool for instructors who are looking for more advanced and customizable questions. This wiki article will cover all scoring methods in BetterExaminations, how to use them, considerations for using particular methods, and which question types the scoring methods are to be used for.

Accessing BetterExaminations

To access BetterExaminations, go to https://uwindsorca.on.betterexaminations.com/ and it should automatically log you in using the University of Windsor's Single Sign On (SSO).

Alternatively, you can login to Blackboard by going to https://blackboard.uwindsor.ca/ and navigate to your course, then go to Control Panel -> Course Tools -> Better Exams to launch the software in a new browser window.

Scoring Methods Comparison

Scoring Method Description Applicable Question Types Resources
equivSymbolic 1 2 https://docs.betterexaminations.com/betterexaminations-online/academic-staff/creating-questions/equivsymbolic-scoring-method/#toc-overview equivSymbolic documentation page
equivLiteral 1 2 3
equivValue 1 2 3
isSimplified 1 2 3
isFactorised 1 2 3
isExpanded 1 2 3
isUnit 1 2 3
isTrue 1 2 3
stringMatch 1 2 3
DRAFT [equivSyntax] 1 2 3

Relevant Resources

For more information on BetterExaminations, please refer to the following resources:

  • For an instructor quick start guide on BetterExaminations, please refer to the following instructor press book.

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