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BetterExaminations is an online examination software integrated with UWindsor's directory that automatically syncs all courses and students to the site. The software has a plethora of question types and can serve as an alternative to Blackboard's assessment tool for instructors who are looking for more advanced and customizable questions. This wiki article will cover all scoring methods in BetterExaminations, how to use them, considerations for using particular methods, and which question types the scoring methods are to be used for.

Accessing BetterExaminations

To access BetterExaminations, go to and it should automatically log you in using the University of Windsor's Single Sign On (SSO).

Alternatively, you can login to Blackboard by going to and navigate to your course, then go to Control Panel -> Course Tools -> Better Exams to launch the software in a new browser window.

Scoring Methods Comparison

Scoring Method Description Applicable Question Types Considerations
equivSymbolic 1 2 3
equivLiteral Uploading Videos to Stream

Supports uploading of video and audio files. For a full list of supported file types view the Microsoft Stream formats and codecs article.

Uploading Videos to YouTube

Only supports video files. A list of supported file types can be found on the YouTube help page.

Uploading Media to YuJa

Supports documents, audio files and video files. For a full list of supported file types, refer to the Monitoring Uploads section of the YuJa support article.

equivValue Sharing Videos using Stream

Can share videos by providing a direct link or by emailing select users. Can edit permissions to restrict access to specific users/groups or to all users enrolled in the university.

Note: Can only share videos with users who have a valid UWindsor email address. Currently no way to share videos to users outside the university.

Sharing Videos and Channels using YouTube

Public access is available for all videos shared on the site, unless the video is set to unlisted or private. To share unlisted/private videos the user must provide a direct link to the video.

Sharing Videos using YuJa

Publishing Videos to Course Channels

All media types can be shared by providing a direct link found in the Links menu accessed from the More menu item visible when hovering over the video.

Alternatively, instructors can also choose to publish uploaded media to their course channel (created when activating YuJa from a Blackboard course site by adding the YuJa tool to course menu) or to shared university channels where user has permissions. For main YuJa channels (e.g. All Instructors, All Students, Library) content can added (where appropriate) upon request through a Service Request at and indicate YuJa channel in description.

isSimplified Adding a Stream Web Link to a Blackboard Content Area

Can Embed videos using the Blackboard Web Link tool or by pasting the html embed code using the Source Code tool in the text editor.

Embedding YouTube Videos in Blackboard

Videos can be embedded using the Web Link tool or by using the Add Content tool (plus sign) in the text editor and selecting YouTube Video to search for a YouTube video based on title or link.

Embedding Videos in Blackboard using YuJa Media Chooser

YuJa videos can be shared using the Web Link tool by providing a direct link or by using the Add Content tool (plus sign) in the text editor and selecting YuJa Media Chooser and selecting a video from the list of videos uploaded to My Media.

Videos can also be inserted by selecting the Yuja Media Chooser tool found under Build Content. This method of embedding is the exact same as inserting via the text editor. Both methods embed the video as an item.

isFactorised Trim Videos in Stream

*Limited Functionality

Can only trim videos.

Trim Videos using YouTube Studio

*Limited Functionality

Can only trim videos.

YuJa Video Editor Documentation

*Extended Feature Set beyond trimming

Offers a variety of editing tools. Only available via browser.

isExpanded Download Microsoft Stream videos

Can restrict download capability in admin settings. Refer to the Set the default video upload permissions help article.

Download Videos to Watch Offline


Requires the YouTube app and a paid subscription to YouTube Premium to download videos.

Downloading Media with YuJa Video

Download permission settings can be adjusted in the Download menu.

isUnit Live events in Microsoft Stream

Can host scheduled interactive live events in Microsoft Teams or Stream.

Get started live streaming

*Not Recommended

No way to restrict users from outside the university from accessing the live session.

Live sessions in YuJa

Live interactive sessions can be organized using the YuJa Software Capture application for PC/Mac (no browser support).

isTrue Add a survey, poll, or quiz to a Microsoft Stream video

*Not recommended as feature is not integrated into Blackboard.

Manual columns must be created in Blackboards Grade Center to record attempts.

N/A Using Video Quizzes

Direct LTI Integration. Attempts are automatically synced to LMS Gradebook (Blackboard Grade Center).

stringMatch Make your Stream videos accessible

Autogenerates captions. Feature can be toggled on/off when uploading videos or in the Update Video Details menu.

Accessibility Options

Features auto-captioning for uploaded videos and auto-captioning for live streams hosted on the site.

Accessibility Features in the Media Player

Using the Media Player

Provides a number of accessibility features such as auto-captioning, re-adjustable caption bar and many others.

DRAFT [equivSyntax] N/A YouTube Studio analytics

Reports general audience, watch time, real-time activity and much more.

Content Analytics

Provides a number of useful statistics such as user access, access date, access platform and many more.

Relevant Resources

For more information on BetterExaminations, please refer to the following resources:

  • For an instructor quick start guide on BetterExaminations, please refer to the following instructor press book.

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