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Students view grades and attached feedback files through their My Grades tool. All they need to do is click on that submission (the name will become a hyperlink), and they will be able to access any written feedback or attached files. If they are having a problem doing this, double-check the following:

  1. Is the column visible to students? (Check the Grade Centre to see if the orange hash bar is showing on that column, and if so, toggle that column (click the editing chevron and select Hide from students (on/off) -> Submit) so that students can see it.)
    Hide or Show Column
    Hide or show Column
  2. Is the MyGrades tool visible to students? (Check to see if there is a gray box beside the My Grades listing in the course menu - navigation bar. If so, click the chevron and make sure it is visible to students).
  3. Has the feedback file been submitted properly? The instructor can check this by going to the individual student assignment cell, clicking on the gray chevron in that cell and selecting “View Grade Details”. This will open a dashboard that will show both the student attempt and the instructor feedback, including any attached files. This is also where the instructor can go to review that file at any point, and manage any other issues regarding individual student submissions, grades, and feedback.

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