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2.9.2 Tool Status Update

  • Lesson Builder to be new for this version
  • Profile 2 will be added to tools to be available
  • My Workspace has significant new look and feel

Sakai Tools that Aren't Used at U of W


CLEW Tool Names and their Sakai Equivalents

Calendar = Scheduler
Site Editor = Site Info
Feedback = Post'Em
Sections = Sign-up
Web Content = (Could have been referred to as Web Links)
Site Mailing List = Email Archive
Chat = Chat Room

University of Windsor Custom Tools

These are tools developed for use only at the University of Windsor. Sakai does not have these tools.
Content Viewer Will be deprecated for fall 2013
Email Instructor Will be folded into new Email tool for fall 2013
Quizzes & Tests Will be upgraded to Quizzes & Tests II for fall 2013

Conventions to be Used in this Wiki

  • Articles and titles within articles are to be done in Title Case.
  • Tool Functions, like Submit, will be emphasized with Bold Text
  • Try to include a link to either the tool, or the function within the tool at least once per topic. Eg. When you use the Announcements tool, and you want to delete an announcement, please follow the Delete Announcements process. Note, just right click on the Table of Contents for the Article which contains the section you want to refer to. Then click Copy Link Location (Firefox). Then in the link you are creating, click Paste. You don't need the entire link, start with two left square brackets, then only the page name followed by the #and_the_rest_of_the_link followed by the Pipe sign | then a space and the text you want to refer to followed by two right square brackets. Click Edit to see the example in this paragraph, and more information on this is found in the Wiki Tutorial. Internal Links.
  • Tool names, if not already linked in the same article, will be put in "Quotes".
  • E.g. Assignments is the tool for instructors to use as a one-stop student work tool. "Assignments" can integrate with Gradebook. By selecting the Add Assignment to Gradebook option in "Assignments", the data will be coupled into "Gradebook". Note you must edit those grades in "Assignments", not in "Gradebook".
  • In the embedded Sakai help pages, there is a reference to the "menubar." We are calling that the "left menu" as it currently resides there. Several tools have menu bars at the top of the tool, so the left menu is the consistent location of the global tools across the site.
  • Phrases will be put into italics, to clarify messages that appear or steps that someone needs to complete.
  • E.g. If you see Course website not available ... your professor either is not using a website for this course or has not yet made his/her course website available to students... If you want to upload another file, select Add Another File and repeat Steps 2 through 5 for each file you would like to upload.

Document Headings

Try where possible, to include the following headings in the documents we are converting. Some may not be appropriate, but hopefully we can try to develop the contents where possible.

  • Overview or Main Concepts
  • How To - specific steps to do to use tool
  • Issues / Considerations
  • Business Rules (if any exist)
  • FAQ
  • Related Pages
  • Templates at bottom

Places to Find Editing Tips

Tech Republic MS Word Blog

Places to find Wiki Help and Examples

Help Wiki Markup
Help Wiki Images
University of Florida Main Wiki Help page
Wiki Link Help
Open ClipArt
Wikipedia Cheatsheet
Brock FAQ
HTML to WikiMedia Markup Conversion Site

Template:New for 2.9.2

Blackboard Learn April 2014 R 9.1 Help Pages

The campus will be switching to Blackboard Learn to replace CLEW effective Fall 2015. As Blackboard becomes available, a pilot group of instructors will be first to try the system and adopt their teaching practice into the new system for the winter 2015 semester. A list of criteria to meet and be included in the pilot project is being developed and will be published as soon as it becomes available. "Sandbox sites" to practice in will also become available for those who like to self-learn targeted for early 2015. The resources below are intended to become familiar with the system only, and not actually to gain access until the support process has been adopted. For specific questions, please email a member of the LMS team.

For Instructors

Blackboard Index

Instructor On Demand Videos

Blackboard Learn: For Instructors: The complete series of short video tutorials to help instructors learn how to use tools, design their courses, and assess students.

Understanding How Course Files How to manage your files in your course more effectively, by understanding how the site is organized, and how to link to materials through the Course Files interface.

Blackboard Learn: On Demand Tutorials: The complete playlist for the entire series of video tutorials for students and instructors.

Quick Hit Video Playlist: A series of very short videos that give an overview to new features in Blackboard Learn.

BlackboardTV on YouTube BlackboardTV is our official YouTube™ channel offering many different types of videos, including the On Demand videos. Some are produced by Blackboard and others are produced by institutions, IT professionals, teachers, and instructional designers. Topics range from a short overview of a new feature to longer recordings of webinars. Use existing playlists that group videos together or create your own.

Top 20 Questions

  1. How do I log in?
  2. Where do I find my course?
  3. How do the students get enrolled?
  4. What happens when a student drops the course?
  5. How will I know when a new student is enrolled?
  6. Where do I go for help - technical, training, teaching, student services?
  7. How do I get to my student's work?
  8. Where do I enter grades?
  9. How do I get an assistant to help me on my course?
  10. How do I send an announcement to my class?
  11. Should I use my personal email?
  12. When do classes start, and how will I know my course is ready?
  13. How do I make changes to what is in my course?
  14. How do I upload a file and where is the best place to save it so students can see it?
  15. How do I put materials into the course so the students don't see, but I need for classes, or until my course site is ready to launch?
  16. How do I know that there may be students in trouble in the class?
  17. Where do I find out who has accessed the course or who hasn't?
  18. What are the deadlines for getting final grades in and how do I do that?
  19. How do I let the students know about deadlines?
  20. What do I do about student work that I think might be plagiarized?

For Students

Student On Demand Videos

Blackboard Learn: For Students: The complete series of short video tutorials to help students use the various Blackboard Learn tools to be successful online.

Working in Your Course: A playlist to help students learn how to access course content, take tests, turn in assignments, and other course related activities.

Staying Organized and Communicating: A playlist to help students use course tools to communicate and and manage course work.

Setting Your Preferences and Environment: A playlist to help students customize their Blackboard experience and set their preferences.

Sandboxes and Such

For System Administrators Only. Necessary permissions need to exist for this function. Sandbox Instructions

Go to System Administration tab, and select Sandbox Generator

  • Source Course ID - BBSB_TEMPLATE
  • Destination Datasource: SANDBOX
  • Write down the course ID. BBSB-JUL-XY, where XY is the next unused number for that month. (The next one I make would be: BBSB-JUL-166). August 1st would be BBSB-AUG and so on. You can only start with zero once - it doesn't allow duplicates. You can find out what they next number should be by searching courses with BBSB-JUL- in the Course ID. Next month you would search for BBSB-AUG-. Then, try sorting by Date Created (click it twice and the newest one comes to the top)
  • Then go to System Admin panel and to Sandbox Site Generator.
  • Fill in the course ID you just made, the destination prefix (ex BBPC-JUL-) and the starting index can be 0 (this is a for loop, adding an index number to each course ID so they are unique). (Update this location with the last number used in each batch - 166)
  • The datasource you can set to SANDBOX.
  • Course name "Blackboard Sandbox for __", where __ is their UWin IDs—Also, check the box to APPEND user names in title
  • 'Blackboard Sandbox for '
  • Make sure to add the space after the word for, so you don't have the UWin ID without a space before it
  • Term would be BB Sandbox
  • Node uid is TRAINING
  • Paste a comma separated list of all the userids you want to make courses for (from Admin access to CTL Registration page http://cleo.uwindsor.ca/workshops/80/ Pick course -> select Mailing List

GRADE CENTRE TEMPLATE As above, except site course ID - GC-F2F-P-1

Practice Course Template

Practice Course site generation for Assessing Learners and Monitoring Student Performance Bb online courses

  • Write down the course ID. PC-TEMPLATE-14
  • Then go to System Admin panel and to Sandbox Site Generator.
  • Fill in the course ID you just made, the destination prefix (ex BBPC-JUL-) and the starting index can be 0 (this is a for loop, adding an index number to each course ID so they are unique). (Update this location with the last number used in each batch - 13)
  • The datasource you can set to SANDBOX.
  • Course name PC-O-S14 - (uwinid)
  • Term would have to be either BB Training
  • Node uid is TRAINING
  • Paste a comma separated list of all the userids you want to make courses for (from Admin access to CTL Registration page http://cleo.uwindsor.ca/workshops/86/ Pick course -> select Mailing List -> select Show only non-attending registrants link. Ensure user (lorie) is omitted from list

Other Campuses Using Blackboard

Oregon State ECampus

Thompson Rivers University - Open Learning

University of Austin Texas FAQs LMS Market Share

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We are constantly trying to improve the information in this Wiki.
If you notice any errors or omissions with this material, please advise the LMS Team or submit a Service Request at http://www.uwindsor.ca/bbhelp.