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Keep an eye on this page for updates to resources during the disruption!

Hot Topic!

PLEASE DO NOT UPLOAD ANY LARGE FILES (video, audio, or otherwise) TO BLACKBOARD. For more information please visit our Sharing Large Files Article


Below are links to tops that you might find helpful.


Accessing Help

Bb Cafe Virtual Classroom link

  • Join us in the BB Cafe Virtual Classroom for one-on-one support, any time between 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday. (Please note that you need to be logged into Blackboard for this link to work).
  • If you are having trouble getting into the session, A guest link is also available.. We also recommend that you use Google Chrome, and have cookies enabled. For more information about how to do this, please see BB Cafe Drop In Session detail
  • If you cannot access BB Cafe, submit a ticket at and a member of the team will respond as quickly as possible.

COVID-19_Preparedness_Workshops, Tutorials, and Resource Link]

For a complete list of support resources for teaching online, including workshops, links to videos, tutorials, and self-paced courses, support for GAs and TAs, visit COVID-19_Preparedness_Workshops, Tutorials, and Resource Link

University Coronavirus General Support Page

For all topics related to how the campus is being supported through the current situation, including information about COVID-19, and relevant FAQs for students, instructors, researchers, and staff, visit the University Coronavirus main page.

Deciding and Delivering Remotely

Trying to figure out how to decide what your online assessment(s) might be like for the upcoming exam period? Open this link to access an online assessment pivot flowchart to help you with options and questions to help you figure it out! Topics include:

  • Using the virtual classroom
  • Using Zoom
  • PowerPoint recording
  • Putting resources on OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Questions about meeting your learning outcomes
  • Does it need to be live?
  • Do you need to deliver a lecture
  • Alternate content and formats
  • General Tips

Assessment and Grading

Exams, Alternate Assessments, and Academic Integrity

The Exams and Alternate Assessments During Disruptions article will help you make informed decisions about your assessment plans going forward.

Can I collect student assignments online?

"Create Assignment location"
Create Assignment location in Content Area
  • Blackboard's Assignment tool allows you to collect assignments digitally, provide students with feedback, and share student grades.
  • To add an assignment to your Blackboard course site, access a Content Area (such as Resources). Once you open this area, you will notice four menu items at the top: Build Content, Assessments, Tools, Partner Content
  • Select the Assessments menu and from the drop-down list, choose Assignments
  • Complete the details you wish to customize the assignment and provide instructions for students
  • For more information on setting up and using Assignments, please visit the Creating and Marking Assignments Wiki

How can I facilitate online tests with my students?

Blackboard has a Tests, Surveys and Pools tool that enables instructors to author multiple-choice, essay, short-answer, and up to 17 different types of questions. The Test Options screen enables you to control when each test is available and other editable features such as a timer, or when the test is available or unavailable to students. There are also options enabling you to provide extra time or different release dates for specific student accommodations.

How can students share comments and content?

"Course Menu with Discussion Board link"
Course Menu with Discussion Board link

Students can share comments, files, links to videos with the entire class or within smaller groups using the Discussions tool. Instructors can monitor activity in the main discussion board forums, or within the individual group discussion areas.

Can I share student grades online confidentially?

Blackboard allows you to communicate individual grades, category grades, and total grades with students through Blackboard's Grade Centre. Students view their grades through the My Grades tool.

  • There are many tools that can utilize online grading, which are built directly into Blackboard, including Journals, Wikis, Assignments, Tests, Discussions, Self and Peer Assessment.
  • Additionally, instructors can add new columns to capture grades that occur outside of Blackboard, such as a face-to-face midterm, presentations, participation, etc.
  • Online help pages for using the Grade Centre are available at Blackboard's Grading pages
  • The University of Windsor has created some customized tools to facilitate online grading and transferring of grades including Import to Grade Centre, and Transfer Final Grades, both found in the Course Tools section of the left menu when an instructor is in Edit Mode "On."

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